Laundry Services

Do your laundry in style and FAST – using our Express Washers

Self-Service Laundry

Large 8 and 6 load washers. Customized washing options

No charge for Laundry Card - credit cards accepted. Recharging stations for all your devices. Free Wi-Fi. Big Dollar and Wash to Win bonuses .

Washers and Dryers of all sizes:

  • 4 Continental 8 load family/bedding washers
  • 8 Continental 6 load high speed washers
  • 10 Continental 4 load high speed extract washers
  • 20 Continental 2 load high speed extract washers
  • 8 Continental 5 load high extract washers
  • 4 Huge capacity 75 lb. dryers
  • 22 Larger capacity 45 lb. dryers
  • 22 Regular capacity 30 lb. dryers

* These washers have multi-option capability. You are now provided with the option to add an additional 6 minute wash cycle and/or adding an additional 3 minute rinse (increasing your entire washing cycle up to 9 minutes more with a 2nd wash and 3rd rinse), or selecting a gentle extract rather than our normal High Extract spin for your more delicate clothing.

Wash2Win program

With our Wash2Win program you will receive points for every wash, when you reach 200 points you win $2.00 in added value to your laundry card.

Each time you place $20.00 on your laundry card, receive a bonus of 10% added value of $2.00, same as getting a 10% discount of all your washing.

Valencia Express Laundry is environmentally on the forefront with Express front load washers, using less water, electricity and the fastest extraction spin available, over 300g’s for the quickest drying time

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Drop Off Laundry Service

Only $1.75 per pound

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